Nos somos Las Patrona

« I am Maria del Carmen Garcia Marquez, I’m a retired Telxmex operator and have always liked to help human beings. The human being who needs bread or a piece of clothing. I’m not working only with my « Las Patronas », I am also working in a homeless shelter, where there are about 60 children, men and women. I’m also involved in the church, helping the seminarians to complete their careers and I’m also helping in the mountains. Helping the poorest people, the human being who is dying of hunger. In the city we have everything, everything, everything. Blessed be God. There they do not have electricity, they do no have water, just the water from the rain that they have to collect. And people has no education, and they say « I will have the children God want to give me » and they have 13 or 15 children, but there is no source of income. People are dying of hunger and thirst, they do not have anything to wear. It is horrible. And this happens in all Mexico and that makes me sad. They say « We are fighting against hunger ». Is a lie. The wealth are those above in society, and the spread it between them. And wealth does not come here, they do not give the poor what they should. I wish God would have all we cooperate with a grain of sand, we would be a little happier, there would be less hungry. Not only in Mexico, worldwide.

I do not belong to any organization, I’m alone, I do it in good faith, without planning, God is putting me on the road. When I started working with « Las Patronas » I knew many people, much poorer, and more educated people who came to know the Patrona’s work. But for me, it has filled me, gave me satisfaction to have known humble-hearted people,

And it’s sad to see the children asking me for a little bread when I have no more. And the 20 days after, when I go again, they ask me if I have more bread for them. And their faces are happy. I gave them clothes, shoes utensils, everything used that people here will throw. I’m gathering and collecting, and they appreciate it as gold, as if it were new because they have no one dish to sit and eat. There thet prepare little meal, and when they do not have even beans, they grab whatever in the field. Sometimes they have no money to plant. There is no job. So what do people do? And it gives you a lot of sadness, a lot. And when I go and help them just a little bit, I feel very happy. There are sick people, there are people dying of diarrhea or flu, here in the city that diseases are controlled with a pill. But they have no medication, and it makes me sad. And as I said, with a grain of sand, we could cooperate and become more human.

Sometimes people say to me  » Why are you going to the mountains? It is very dangerous. Something bad will happen to you. » I go with the help of God, I do God’s works, I pray and say: Father, come with me. I will do your work. So far, thank God, nothing happened to me. On the contrary, everyone knows me and say hi to me. It’s nice to help others, but it’s nicer when they smile you, they know you and say hi with love and affection. Thank you. »


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