One day before coming, many bombs dropped

“We went to Israel in 2000, and returned to Argentina in 2006. My husband has a family in Israel. Living in Israel is nice. Everything is nice there, the only bad thing is the war. There, we earned well. We lived like a normal person. In Argentina, you work hard, and got nothing. In Israel, you work 6 or 7 hours a day, and you get a good salary.

We will come back to Israel, but do not know when. We came back here, because my husband received a letter that he has to go to war. I did not have to go, because I had a tiny little boy. He told me that he did not want to go to war. We came to Israel to be well. I did come not to go to war. I was crying, I did not want to return. I did not want to be killed by a thief in Argentina. In Israel many people die but I did not want to return here. My husband said ‘I will come back with our son.’ So, I was there alone with my mother in law. I worked until the last day. I did not receive my last salary.

One day before coming back, many bombs dropped, and alarms did not sound because there were so many bombs. When I worked, bombs fell, and I was still working. I hugged my colleagues, and wept. We thought we would died together. My husband was saved, because he could enter the shelter, friends of my husband could not enter to the shelter, and died. And from that moment, my husband wanted to return to Argentina. We returned on September 11. We brought nothing here. I cried at the airport, I did not want to come back.

We are alive, and we are lucky, but we think about those who are still living under the bombs, whatever the country. We have to feel lucky, because we are, peace is luxury.”

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