I have 5 children alive, and 2 kids who died

“I moved here 22 years ago. All my children were raised here. I have lived here since my oldest child was 8 months, and now she is 22 years old. She has a beautiful one year old baby now. I have 5 children alive and 2 kids who died.

My life story is very sad. Very sad. The most difficult moment was the death of my son. He was 6 years old. He was in the first grade. He was infected by meningitis virus, and he died. My husband died four years ago. He was the man who raised my children.

The most beautiful moment of my life is the birth of my children, and having my children with me even though I lost two kids. My baby was born, and died four days after. It was a sudden death. This was after the death of my other child.

The most important lesson I learned in my life is to work and feed my children. I work in the cooperative since 5 years ago. We do the cleaning of the streams, and cut the grass. I have progressed so much. I bought many things for my house, clothes for my children, and food. All thanks to the cooperative.

My dream would be to get out of here. I would like to live in the neighborhood where my mother, my dad, and my uncles live. I was attacked by a man who wanted to grab my daughter. I was walking, and I defended myself with a stick. I started to insult him. My little son peed on himself because he was scared. My daughter screamed. The man pretended he had a gun. I fought, and fought. We need more security in the neighbourhood.”

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