I want my children to study, to be somebody in life

“We have lived here for four years. My children are Argentinian, my husband is from Argentina. I am Chilean. I met my husband when I was in Monte Grande. When my children were growing up, we moved to Chile, because I did not like the schools here. I took my four children to study there.

Four years ago, we returned to Argentina. I did not want to, because I wanted my children to finish high school in Chile. I want my children to study, and be better than me. I only went to primary school, and my family sent me to work when I was 11 or 12 years old. I worked until I got married. Thank God, my children finished their studies. Two of my children are working in the police, and my daughter will finish high school next year.

My husband has his family here. So, we went back, and bought this house. We love our family. I was pregnant when we returned to Argentina, and my baby died when I gave birth. My children wanted their brother to be Argentinian, but God gave me two beautiful gifts, my grandchildren.

The most important moment of my life is having met my husband. He is an excellent person as a father, husband, and friend. We were married 23 years ago. And now, the most important thing are my grandchildren. But of course my children are important too, and they know it.

Being back in Argentina was very hard for me, because in Chile we were very well financially. My kids went to private schools. Fresh start was difficult. We have always been independent. We do not depend on others. If we have nothing, there is nothing. And if there is something, we share it. Being back here was very hard for me. First of all, because I lost my son. It was tough. I never thought I would experience something like that. It’s been four years, and it still feels like it was yesterday. It is something that I cannot overcome. I try to be calm for my children. I try to encourage myself for my children. They were my main reason for being well, but suddenly I fell down. And when I remember him, it makes me sad. I tried to go to church, gave my pain to God. That has helped me a lot, but it is something that you cannot get over it.

My husband put a kiosk to distract me. I did not want to do anything, my husband did that against me. I get distracted there, and then with my grandchildren. I left many things behind. I was teaching at a Sunday school. I love children. The loss of my baby was very hard. My grandchildren have filled my heart in an incredible way.

I want my children to study, to be somebody in life. My mom sent me to work, and I had to quit school. I worked until I got married with my husband. He is unique. He has a lot of patience with me. He has been a great husband. A model.”

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