Anyone who goes out to work is because you want to achieve in your life

“I used to live in Jaguel. My mother died, and then I met my partner, Pablo. Before I had another partner, I moved here with him and my 4 children. One of them died. I had two kids with my first husband, but the relationship didn’t work, so I left him. When my daughter was little, when she was two years old, I had another partner. And the baby that I had with my second husband died, one day after the birth. Then, I had Rosario, and then ‘Pipi’, who likes drawing. And now with my new partner, Pablo, we’ve lived here since three years ago.

The most difficult moment of my life was when my son died. I did not expect that. I had a good pregnancy, the baby weighted 9 lbs. And the most beautiful moment was having my kids, to get up every morning, and take them to school. Those are the most beautiful moments.

When I met Pablo, it was also a nice moment. I had failed relationships. It was pretty ugly because my ex-husband was an alcoholic. When our first child was born, he did not want to change. When our second son was born, he did not want to change either. He was unbalanced. He got lost.

I think that anyone who goes out to work, it is because you want to achieve in your life. You don’t want to stay where you are.

In my opinion Las Chacritas is cute. Now, I work but I used to help El Tano in the food shelter. I helped to cook. I did not like being there, because they were all young moms, and I felt old. So, I sent the food already cooked.”

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