I feel better when I hear about people

“I’m from Bulgaria. People from my country don’t travel. So, with my posting (in Facebook), I show them the world. I’m very interested on showing, ‘Hey see that, look at this, look what they’ve done, pretty much broadened your horizon, hey wake up! You can be doing this, leading by example.’ So, every step you take outside your comfort zone is a step closer for somebody to see it, and to be like, ‘Oh, if she can do it, like I know her, if she can do it, I can do.’ That’s exactly what I’ve seen from other people. And that’s exactly what I am doing. I am following their example. So, I want to lead the same example to somebody else.

The whole reason why I am here today, talking to you is because this friend of mine told me about something that got me thinking, that I can actually pay for my education, I can spend all of these money not on my nieces or nephews, like buying them presents, which sometimes I just forget. You know, I’m not really very well connected. I mean I’m very close to my family, but I’m not talking to them every day. I don’t need to. They know I’m fine. So, I’m like I spend all these money to come here, and to gain all this knowledge, to meet people like you.

It’s always about the people. It’s very sad how a lot of people don’t know that other people are the most important things in their life, and they’re very so self-centered, and they don’t even go away from that.

It’s very important when you put the stories that are shown like the full. So, Falid, a friend told me a lot of stories, which are like a drama, seriously. Like a lot of things, which are seriously bad and yet, this is the reality. But what I think is also very important is in capturing and interviewing people who have done well just like you, just like your story! But with many other people. You know, you’re coming from such a background.

It doesn’t have to be like a very unfortunate or fortunate, it should be a mix. It’s like showing everybody that you shouldn’t be complacent. You can be everything you wanna be, and here is an example for that one: ‘Check out his strategy, how he did accomplish it?’ It’s all about popping, scanning the strategy of a person, asking them very targeted questions, and pretty much writing them down. If you wanna have the same results, follow the same steps kind of thing. So, that’s what I think. This is exactly what got me very interested in your platform thing.

I was like, OK, these are the stories of the people. At that point, I didn’t, I read too, and both of them were like, more dramatic ones. But I was thinking about it as I reading it, because I read a lot of books, which are about the brain, books about entrepreneurship, and financial stuffs. And there are a lot of stories, which are very positive that brought a lot of people in good places in life. Places where they are not in the position to feel bothered by other people. Which is pretty much your case, but it can be also from people who are fine, like they didn’t really struggle that much, but they always know they would help. So yeah, I didn’t have one particular thing to say.

I’m currently writing my story now. But whatever happens, I might be able to write. Coz I think it’s important. That’s what pushes me. See, a lot of people like money driven or success or some personal satisfaction or whatever, but I feel better when I hear about people who actually wanna do something for somebody else, not only for themselves.

So, every time I’m going somewhere, and doing something, I’m thinking about me in the future. Sorry, not presently. Which is something I would learn from you, probably. Which is to be a better person tomorrow that can do a lot more, based on what I have learned through my travel. I’m not saying travel overseas. I’m saying in my life is to be able to help somebody in the future. While if I’m just staying in my place, not moving, no movement of whatsoever, how can I be a better person tomorrow, and help somebody.”

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