The life of an actor is hard


“I was born in Santa Fe. I studied theater there. I came to Buenos Aires 10 years ago. I have a son who is 23 years old, and another child of 1 year and a half with another woman. I came to Buenos Aires to make music, and to act. I did many things, I learned a lot.

The life of an actor is hard. You have to train yourself, walk a lot, and you have to be fine to relate to others. When I’m bad, I cannot relate. I go inside myself. My story is the story of many people who came to a big city to find work, especially the artists.

I had many breaking points in my life. A hard moment was when I first came to Buenos Aires. I talk about it in a poetic way, but I looked out the window of my room, and saw the monster was breathing: the big city. My friend died for taking cocaine and alcohol. He was looking for the death all the time. He was a lucid person. He had so much to teach. He told me, ‘Take the city or the city will take you. If you do not win it, the city will do it.’ My friend was from Santa Fe too. He knew the darkness of the city, and in that moment, the city was wining me.

Another important moment was in Santa Fe. I am not a religious person. But one day in desperation I fell asleep crying, asking God for stability in money, in love, and in friendship. I fell asleep crying, and the next day my dad called me. He said that I had to go to a church to paint a mural. I asked God, and one church answered me. And from that moment on, I started to put a mechanism inside me to be better. I believe in God that is within me, not outside or above.

The most important lesson of my life is for my children not to make the same mistakes as their father. So, my son does not make the mistakes that I made myself. It’s something I can’t rest easily. And another lesson is about death. When your age of death is closer, it’s more imminent. One knows, one has to say everything you want, everything you feel, and you have to have a closure, because when you die, you’re done. We must communicate, because things that we do not say just hurt.

I had my first child at 21. My two children were not planned. I had them without planning. I remember much despair for being a father at age 20. Many insecurities. Your 20’s are more for learning. You are not prepared to teach. Also I was not well economically, and the lack of money worsens everything. I did many sacrifices that you might see them as impossible at the time. I was in five years relationship with his mother, and I was always in contact with him. Now, my son is a percussionist, draftsman, and makes animations.”

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