You have to fight if you are old or young

“I discovered that I have a twin sister when I did the paperwork for my retirement. Who is she? I do not know. Where is she? I don’t know either.

I was 11 months, and I burned my hand with a kerosene lamp that exploded, that’s why I don’t have that hand. I was in the Army, but I resigned, because a captain hit me. I’m not complaining, but I had many problems in life. Most of the time I fought alone. I have asthma, diabetes, I have bone problems, and after all, I’m living in a slum. Here, you have to fight every day. You have to fight, even if you are old or young. If you are healthy or sick.

The most important for me is my present. I live in peace, I am the woman of the house. I struggled with my illness, but luckily I have good neighbours. And luckily, I live as I want, in peace. The most important lesson of my life was when I had cancer surgery, and survived. I fought two years, and said, ‘I will not lose.’ I didn’t.”

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