We’re part of this slum, our life too

Gustavo, Ana’s brother: “About me and my sister? We had a bad childhood. We did not know what a good childhood is, or even what was a toy. We didn’t know what was a toy, a ball. We suffered abuse. We had a bad childhood. Since kids we worked in the countryside, she (Ana) took care of the sheep, and I took care of the cows. We used to take the horses to the field, and did not know about going out to the corner, to get an ice cream.

Once I got tired of the abuse from my father, I was very young, but I got tired. I escaped through the window, and ran away several times. I came back two or three days after. My dad would hit us with a whip, a whip with chains, and my sister was marked everywhere.

Things went on. Ana moved with her partner, and I also moved with my girlfriend when I was very young. I was 15 or 16 years old. My sister was together with the father of the kids for 15 years, then they separated. Since that day, she fought alone with her kids.

I have 8 children. I divorced and got married again. I have a new wife now. We had a difficult life. Our life is very complicated. We had a brother who killed himself. I have a missing brother who until today we never found him. I have a sister in a mental hospital. The life of Lavallen family is a disaster, and until today we have been fighting.
We are not so united, we do not see each other every weekend. When I have time, I come and see them. And when I used to be there, we saw each other every day. But sometimes we are all separate.

This is our life. If I have to be honest, it’s a shitty life. That is the truth, it is a shitty life. We have nice moments. I have kids, nephews, and grandchildren. We have a lot of things, but sometimes when you start thinking about you who got a backpack, and  carrying things. You think about these things you left behind.

We do not have any education. We never went to school. We passed second or third grade of primary school, and then we did not go anymore. And that weighs a lot. My dad would have told us, ‘You have to go to school, because tomorrow you will have a good job.’ And yet, many people have gone to school, and do not take advantage of that. We would have taken better advantage. But thank God, we’re fine. We are not rich but we’re fine. We have a job, a family, and we visited occasionally. This is the life of the poor people, this is the life of the poor really.

The most beautiful in life is the family. The most beautiful moment of life is when the families are eating pasta or having a barbacue together.”

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