I escaped from my gang

“I am from New Zealand. I love living here, but I see a lot of violence. I was raised in a gang. My father is a very high member of the gang, life was horrible. And I was trying to run away from the gang, so I became homeless. I met my wife in a party, and she was with me while I was homeless. People looked down on us, one guy just threw a 50 cents, and walked straight away! But I really feel tired of that kind of gang life, and I really wanna get rid of it. But my father is in the gang! It’s on my back! Forever! I remember, we went into a debtor’s house when he did not pay his debt, we had to hurt him. His family was there, and we had to hurt them too. That’s the lowest moment in my life. You say you forgot? Boom! But what can I do? I don’t like it, but I can’t stop it. When a short gun is pointed at you, you have no choice. My mom is a bit sick in the last couple of months. She’s a lovely person, very different. She is weak, and could only have salad for her meal. When I’m home, I will make her favorite avocado salad. I would say, ‘Mom, I made this for you!’ And it’s my happiest moment, when I see her enjoying the bowl of salad I made. My dream is to buy a sky tower, kick out everyone I don’t know, and invite all my friends to move in, hahaha… My mates are normal people. I would never be able to live there, but dream is a dream, right?”