Transform trash, our dream

“My name is Henry. I was a web designer, but now I am starting up my own company. It is a new trend in Vietnam now. My little daughter inspired me to build a recycling company. One day she made Origami birds with old newspapers, she was putting them in old milk cans, and said to me, ‘Papa, I am a teacher now, and my birds are going to tell stories to you.’ That night I couldn’t sleep, thinking how children can have joy in Recycling Art (Up-cycling) classes, and places like Disney Land filled with reusable and renewable architecture designs for a more green community.

The up-cycling market and environmental services are still very young and risky here. However, ‘Who wants a dream that’s near fetched?’, said Howard Schultz, chairman of the team that I look up to. I want to have transformation in my life, from a person who is described as unintelligent, and was kicked out from high school, to be a self-taught coder and teacher. I believe that everyone has his own talent, and deserves to have a better living. So, I share my project idea, and invite everyone to join. I met Thy, my first partner, she looks like Marissa Mayer. Then I met Slim. I created a name for my team called ‘Jizo guardians’.

We are startup beginners and entrepreneurs, very young and wild. We don’t have everything we need, or prove that we are helping to eliminate climate change. But we have a strong belief: Doing small inspiration each time, then with other ideas, the innovations coming next may make prolong profit, and create a more wealthy and beautiful Earth. Our mission is to work this scientific society in harmony with the nature, so to sustain healthy and creative lives. We would build a creative entrepreneurship in the area of environmental, regeneration, culture and art, which aim to educate and to fulfil dreams about a recycling, and a green environment.”