As you have said, our stories are a kind of knowledge

“I am Irish, Nimbin citizen, and non-revolutionary guy… because it costs many human lives, too many. I prefer to let time settle all things. Sometimes you need to take the right path to avoid uncertain conflicts or problems. Many people came to Nimbin to escape something in their lives or to build something up. I came here since the government went the wrong track. We’ve suffered much, for example the Vietnam War. Some peace movement, hippies or something like that happened followed… I saw some friends came back from war with post-war syndromes: depression, paranoia, and drug addiction. The use of drugs has become very important and popular after the Vietnam War, soldiers used to take drugs there, cheap drugs. That’s why they returned with addictions.

I think collecting stories like the way you do is amazing. Each of us have so much to share. I mean the ‘family stories’, for example, no one dares to honestly share his story within the family. In that way, everything will be lost. As you have said, our stories are a kind of knowledge, we should learn from our mistakes. However, our parents keep most of their stories and mistakes into their hearts. For example, I’ve never really managed to speak to my parents about my puberty. I think it was the most difficult moment of my life, all those changes inside my body like the period, sexual excitement, and impulsion, etc. All were very hard for me, since I had no one to talk to about it.