I give hair cut for free all over the world

“I am a hairstylist. After I worked for 10 years in Japan, I decided to cut hair for free across the world. Despite what the culture is, we all need to do our hair cut, and I’m happy to give a help. You know, many people who want a change in life begin with changing their hair style. I help them to become who they want to become. It can go much further than anything we can imagine. Those people entrusted me with their hair, we talk a lot, and I understand their lives. I’ve become who I am, and it’s an incredible opportunity. I feel lucky. By being a barber for free on the street for travelers, local, and poor people, I give them more than a cut. I give them hope, and they give me smiles, and tell me a lot about them, and about the world. This is an extraordinary work. I’ve learned a lot, and is still learning every day to observe, to improve myself, and to understand the people I meet, and to co-operate. When I give cuts to my clients, I know what they want, and I give my best. Although I operate 360° in front of a mirror, and even though I’m not a real surgeon, I’m a hair doctor. I travel around the world, I give, and I receive. I am happy, and that’s the point.”