Mountains of forgotten things, lost, abandoned, consumed, unloved

“A windows to the past. Few days I’m on the road, traveling, and exploring Australia, collecting stories. Sometimes I feel lost on the side of the road with my sign, chasing cars. Already some hundreds of km, but I’m still far from my Great Coral Barrier. So far, I was lucky, and had beautiful meetings. I would like to publish more, but I cannot have enough battery on my devices. This photo was taken in a valley where I spent the night at the beginning of my adventure, this picture, that fire.

One of the best moments of my life was when I was a child. We didn’t have money and with my grandfather we used to go to these large dumps, several times a week, to get what we needed, and me; chasing toys, and memories. Mountains of forgotten things, lost, abandoned, consumed, and unloved. I remember about these crazy fires, plastics smell, the ghostly smoke between theses super-trash, big monsters of waste, like mountains surrounded by clouds. I gave a second life to everything. I was a treasure hunter. I found all my toys, my passion for exploration, and even others; photo albums, books, toys, notes, personal journals, love letters… Hundreds of pieces of life swallowed by the time, which help you to understand the world, and those around you. Now that everything is closed, I would give anything to go running in these mountains again. I was like a treasure hunter, a stories hunter. Priceless moments of my life, but finally it’s just the start of something, something bigger.”