I’m your Father…

“I have families in several countries; Spain, FranceEngland, Colombia, Italy, Finland, Philippines, etc. I have three passports or nationalities; Finnish, Spanish and Colombian. I was born in Finland. My dad comes from a traditional Viking family, good for business, he speaks 11 languages, and now is broke. My mum is from Barcelona, she comes from what was a really rich family in the past, she speaks 7 languages, and she is also broke now.

I started to speak really soon. I speak 5 languages well, and learning more. A brother came when I was 2 years old. On my 3rd years of living, my dad disappeared from my life. I was already, as a kid, feeling something dodgy was going on. Well, after that, we moved to my grannies house in Barcelona, and we grew up only with my mom’s family, never again got any news from him until 20 years later, when he reappeared.

So, my mum was working hard alone. After some years, she remarried another men from Colombia. He adopted us legally, and another brother came, adorable baby. Things were going good for all ostensibly, but deep inside was a little hill, lies, fears, secrets, abuses, and all what a Catholic society or whatever society that rules the moral of the people through the dogmas or rituals have attach as consequences. Anyway, I was really loving all my family. All the beings, my higher desire always has been the paradise for all of us, but just because the silliness we are not building that together. We are just destroying each other for fear of loosing, pain, and blah-blah…

After a lot of extraordinary experiences out of the body, lucid dreaming, energies, people stopping me on the street just to say, ‘You are an angel!’ I was responding, ‘So what?’ Is this the life experience we want? NoBut anyone is doing what they really want. For what? Money? Fears? What’s that? It’s nothing, it’s useless. It’s an abstract concept that we create in our mind, like how to interact with people. I was growing up, and the old people were saying to me, ‘Oh, you are so beautiful!’, but don’t believe it or you’re going to be stupid. Anyway, it seems that blond beautiful girls are always stupid. It’s OK, we are all free to believe what we want.

In my 20s, I decided to live on my own, just so I can have my own independence at home about rules. I was always working and studying at the same time, busy times. But I was always dreaming! I wanted the tropical paradise for me and all. I wanted the time for myself. I didn’t want to rush, stress for the time. Was it a lot to ask for a peaceful pleasant life? Loving and caring? So, I started to do some white magic. I learned my lessons quick. I learned how to flow with my higher dimensional beings, and started to think what am I doing here? Where is the joy? But then, my mum got divorced. The Colombian men that I used to call Dad, now he’s hiding in Colombia. He feels guilty probably. My mum is better now. One day, I was at home alone, and I received a call from my Finnish dad:
– ‘Hello…, Yolanda?’ (strange accent)
– ‘Yes, I am…’
– ‘I’m your father…’
(Then I though the mythical phrase of the film Star Wars: ‘Luke, I’m your father…,’ far away…)
– ‘Oh, so… how are you?’

And we just had a 20 minute chat on the phone, giving our skips and emails, he invited me and my bro to come to Finland, asking new questions about my life, pretty exciting situation. After some month, he came to the Spain. Later on, me and my bro went to Finland. He is a good man, I’m glad to know that. The families at that time, when they were separating, they didn’t know how to deal the situation properly. They have fears with mafia, cultural differences, etc.

Now, I’m living in Byron Bay. Thanks the universe, God, Goddess or whatever, because some good miracles and love beauties, got me and send me here. I was just following the path, trusting that if all these magic coincidences and manifestations-dreamings coming through reality are strong. Then, I just took what I got and jumped into the adventure. My family was not happy at all with my decision, too far away from them. They tried to stop me. I didn’t have money to start a new life here, but predictions, prophecies… I was thinkingam I becoming crazy?

But life taught me so much already, I’m 33 and I’m glad. I trust myself. I met my love Sundance, what a beautiful name. I learned from his experience, family, society; the missing part. The missing part of my puzzle life experience, the sacred geometry, quantum physics. The other day, I said to my mum, ‘I just realize that the shortest way to you is when I look at my feet. Through the earth on the other side, there are your feet after your head, and then the sky. We don’t even see the same sky, but we step on the same earth!’ Casualty or causality? So what’s next?”