From Australia with love

Crossing the planet on my own, it’s something exciting, but totally frightening at the same time. I have been invited, when I’ll come back, to give few lectures. I will have to prepare, really prepare myself to organize my memories. In only 6 months, I saw the most beautiful faces of our world, and at the same time, the most terrible, unbelievable things. After US, Africa, Turkey, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and in a week, I will fly to Australia (I’ll try to do the 3000 km to reach the Great Barrier Reef by hitchhiking, to meet more people on my road). Next steps after Australia; New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and US again, but this time I want to cross the entire south coast from Miami to LA, then Canada, UK, Spain, and if I can complete my Kickstarter campaign; Afghanistan and perhaps Syria (travelling until april 2016).

I will never sell the stories I got. I believe that they don’t belong to me. All the contents could be used freely without modification by any mass media. This is a very thoughtful choice. For those who are still asking, “What are you doing?” Please, feel free to read my project presentation here: and

The project will also be BETA open source within 2 months. Everyone will be able to apply, and publish the stories they got from their countries, or during some travels – just under basic censorship rules. If you want to be part of this project just click here:

If you support me with some donations (I’ll launch a Kickstarter campaign in 1 month), you will receive two books (e-book or paper) with 365 inspiring stories, one every day. And a second one with my travel story, and what I did learn (and some other gifts and invitations). I’m struggling a bit, it’s hard to do everything at the same time, but I’m working on it!

Thank you to those who supported me, supporting me every day!