She tries her best everyday

“She can’t speak, because she is an orange agent children. She tries her best everyday to improve life even though she has nothing. She tries to be like everybody else. You see that in her hands? She has sewn this picture for months now.”

What is Agent Orange? 

Cooked up in the dungeons of Monsanto and Dow Chemical, Agent Orange is a chemical that the US used against Vietnam during the war. Between 1962 and 1971 the US dropped about 20 million gallons of Agent Orange on the Vietnamese countryside. The aim was to thin out the foliage of Vietnam’s dense rainforests, so that fighter planes would be able to see their targets during airstrikes more clearly. It did that, but it also did a lot of other, unanticipated bad stuff. Anybody on the ground where it was being dropped (including U.S. soldiers) was exposed to this chemical. Many people on the ground were affected immediately (in some serious disturbing ways), but most of them were okay in the short term. The bigger issue is what it did to those people’s children, and grandchildren. Agent Orange still causes horrendous disabilities and deformities in children being born in Vietnam today.