I crawled on the ground for weeks

“My name is Tam. I am disabled since I was born, and have no family since I was 9.  My parents and I were living in the countryside in Dak Lak, where people are really poor. They do not have enough money to go to the hospital or to buy medicine, and get proper treatment. Those who sick will be gone very quickly. When my parents died, I had to leave home. I arrived here in Da Nang 13 years ago. I am 22 now. I have a dream, I want to learn English and teach it to all disabled children and adults like me. I have so much time every day. I try to learn English with videos, but I have nothing to start with. However, I’m sure one day I could help those children. When I left home, I lived on the streets, and learned to live with the people I met every day along the way. I did not have a wheelchair at that moment, and I crawled on the ground for weeks. Sometimes I got on a bus without any idea where I was going or where I could go. I am hoping to have a new family, a place of my own. It took me two months to arrive here, 500 km away from Dak Lak, finally.”