In this business, it’s like having a poker game

“We farm fish in a floating house on the Mekong River. With $150 per barrel to feed the fish, you can earn a bit, in less than a month. Can you imagine? In Vietnam, the average salary is 3 million VDN ($110). It’s an investment, and you have to go through the bank to ask for a loan. It’s pretty simple when you can pay, you pay. But often people flee when they cannot. Now after three years, the house we live on the water begins to sink. Normally, the year of endurance depends on the quality of the wood. But everything is very expensive now, and the wood is not good. We don’t really worry about the water here, but the wind. During the storm for example, we have to open all the windows. Otherwise, the wind will take the boat away, and we will sink. It happens quite often, and people loose everything. I would say, to be in this business is like having a poker game.”