Do it now because you will never know how much time you left

“I am a nurse in the ICU. I think at some point of life, people will realize that everything has an end. Now, I live stronger with not just live and say, ‘I’m going to do that tomorrow, or next year, or someday…’ No, no, do it now because you will never know how much time you have left. Live the moment. ‘May be someday, somewhere…’ is a lazy attitude. No, do it now. It’s a thought about the after life also. I’m not religious, totally not. But when you face death every day, you will have some other feelings for it. You could feel that there is something more than just passing away, and there’s no coincidence. I think at the end, everything will make sense, and so does your life. And there’s always a reason why things happen like this, or why you met somebody there, and how do you know?

Death could be your friend, but it depends. Sometimes it’s easier for someone to face it. I’m working with really really ill people, some of them suffering for months, and are really scared about death, but some face it with a smile. I believe there is a reason why on that particular hour you pass away. Not just the matter of when, but also why. Sometimes you know someone is dying, and his family come to see him, but some are waiting for their family to come. Just like when we do lung transplantation, we might do extra-oxygenation, because the patients are really very ill, and you need to push them to live and hope.

Those people know they are going to die. In fact they always know it, and I will call their family to come and see them, and say the last goodbye. It’s crazy, sometimes I meet the patients on their bed with all the monitors, and I check the blood pressure, etc., and everything was completely fine. Then the patient said to me, ‘Ok, It’s my last hour.’ and I answered, ‘No, don’t worry, everything is ok, you’re fine, just calm down, everything is ok.’ But they were 90% right. They knew it. I don’t think you need to be afraid of death, it’s not that bad. I think your soul always know, when it’s time to go.

I can do so much for them by just being there. I’m really sensitive, I know exactly what I can do for them and how. Even in really bad situations, I can help them by holding their hands. I saw a lot of sad stories, but in the end I’m trying my best, even when they finally died, I know I have helped them. Even people younger than me with Mucovicidose for example, they need new organs, and sometimes it doesn’t look like they are going to make it, but it’ll be great when you can help them to go through. When you are at the entrance of the hospital, seeing people you helped alive, and walk by themselves, that’s the best scene in the world.”