They have brought me much values

“I was born and raised in a wealthy family, my parents gave me everything they could since I was small. We didn’t have high education, and it isn’t really accessible anyways but I’m proud of my family. I have studied and worked in Da Nang for four years now. That’s where and how I started to leave my family, and live independently. Since then, I have learned so much about life.

I try to improve myself by learning everyday, that costs me lots of efforts, but this is my motivation to overcome the difficulties I encountered. I always smile, and try to accompany others, i.e, my friends. I try to make myself worthy of their friendship. I do not really care about what others think about me, it’s not always easy, but I am doing what seems right to me and to the people I love. I treat everyone I met as if they are my family, and I will do anything to help them, which in the eyes of our society that may seem a bit silly. But it is a choice, I believe.

I have a modest job but I love it. I’ve met quite a lot of people who shared me pieces of their lives. I am their physiotherapist; sharing their happiness, and deep sorrows. During my free time I learn English, and perhaps one day I could travel around the world. It is the dream I have, and I believe it is also a dream that everyone has, which is to discover a new world. But I’ll go step by step, we will see if my efforts are being rewarded, and let’s see what will happen tomorrow, tomorrow.

I do not have a perfect health, but as long as I’m alive, that’s all that matters to me. And if something happens someday, I hope the people around me, like my friends and everybody I have ever met, will know how grateful I am for their help and their support. They have brought me so much values, and theses values allow me to live life happy and fulfilled. I would try my best to be worth of a living.”