I feel lucky I can see this world

“I’m a Camerawoman. I’m always interested in art, and I start to work on moving pictures, because there are many interactions between art, color, staging, music, etc. Everything is connected together. I’m inspired by this beautiful world. I see many beautiful things and not so beautiful things. But I just want to see new things, new experiences, and new environment. So, every day when I wake up, I want to move forward.

The camera is on my eyes, and I think it’s important to be able to capture moments with your own eyes only. Because the camera can only see one side. If you look around, you capture more memories than just taking a photo. The most beautiful image I took was in Tawaii, next to Hawaii. I was there sitting on the beach, because there is a big mountain, and I want to see the sunrise. I took a photo as soon as the sun came up. It was like the sun burning directly at my camera. I tuned it in black and white, and it looks so amazing. I feel lucky that I can see something like that, and travel around the world, because so many people can’t do what they like to do. Yet, I can. I’m lucky.”