The coconut and the napalm attack

“As you can see, I lost half of my arm. One morning when I was alone playing in the garden, I saw birds flying across with an unusual loud noise. I knew it was an American plane, B52. I could recognize that difference between ours. It was already close to me, and I ran as fast as possible to hide myself in the hut. However, I did not have enough time, and as the ground shook with a terrible noise, within a second everything around me was flaming, and me too, my right forearm was on fire. It was the napalm bomb. I remember I was screaming and being thrown to the ground. I jumped into the river, but I was still burning. Napalm is a horrible thing, it’s like a gel that sticks, and it’s combined with a chemical crap, the white phosphorus. It was one of the most vicious weapon of that bloody war.

I don’t know why they dropped the bombs there, where only farms around. My arm was burned and injured with bones sticking out, but I was lucky. When my arm was burned, the fire cauterized my wound, and I could find some available first-aid. You surely do not want to know how surgeries were operated during the war, it was even less after Napalm attack, when medical aid was already limited. The surgeons had to do it quickly without any morphine. I saw only sufferings all around me. I’m still afraid of the fire. I’m sorry, I prefer not to be photographed. But take this coconut, it will be fine!”