My adult shop in Japan

“I came to Aomori for work, to earn a little money. I have this kind of little space to sell stuffs like toys, tools, etc. When I was young, I experimented many things. I visited many cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. I moved every time for 20 years. Then, somebody broke my heart, and I decided to move back. Finally, I came back to my hometown, when my mom and dad were still here. Mm… they are not really here now. They passed away. You see, I had so many jobs, it’s not very common in Japan – you have to build a career and do something stable. As I said, I experimented lot of things. For example, I opened an adult shop here, like a normal business. I tried because no one did it before. It’s a bit complicated, again because of the Japanese mindset. But yeah, I did so many things for living; selling tickets, bartending, etc. Now, I just continue to do my best.”