Because of Fukushima, we are ghosts

“We are ghosts. I have a restaurant in a town next to the ghost town, the one which near the nuclear station Fukushima Daiichi. Nothing has changed since a long time. On the day it happened, I was really shocked. To say the truth, everybody went through hell, and thought they were going to die. Strangely, my restaurant works, employees of the station come and go all the time, the police is everywhere. So, the restaurant operates, but it’s very difficult. Discrimination is the hardest problem to handle of them all. I have 4 daughters; one of them was put altogether with her two daughters in a institution, constructed by the government, because of the radiation impact. Many people don’t think about others, not only Europeans, Japanese as well. I don’t know if we have a future, it depends on the government. The government decides for us. I don’t have any particular dreams, everything was destroyed by that terrible earthquake.  These days I have to content myself with surviving.”