I met my taiwanese wife on an Internet dating site

“Relationship is the most important thing in my life, also my family, and my wife. I recently got married, and I met my Taiwanese wife on an internet dating site a couple of years ago. We first met each other on the 4th month, she came to the US to visit me. Then on the 10th month, I moved to Taiwan, and get her hand in marriage. I stayed there for a year and half, getting to know her family, and be a part of her whole life in Taiwan. Now, I have to get a visa to Taiwan through Hong Kong. I used to be a little skeptical about online dating. I think it’s just something crazy. But now, my friends and family are very happy for me, and her family accept me like their son. So, everything is very positive. I dream of having a piece of land to train and teach people how to take care of the earth, and taking care of each others as well.”