I was found on the side of an island by the police

“Photography and music are the most important things in my life. When I was 15, I lived simple life. Listening to music and traveling give me inspirations for life. Being adopted and being gay are the biggest struggles in my life. I don’t even know where I was born. At the age of 3 and a half, I was found on the side of an island by the police. Then, I stayed in the orphanage for six months. My parents are Chinese living in London now. They came to Hong Kong to adopt, and found me. Then six months later, we all went to Australia to live there. I live in Sydney. The orphanage that raised me was closed down in 2000. When I found out my parents are not the real ones, and I was being adopted, it was a blow, an identity crash to me, and I felt empty, and I had a big hole in my heart. Now I grow up, it made me want to help others not to start any family for a wrong reason, not for an accident, not just to want a kid. Family has to be a whole. Children are not meant to be born into a trade.”