She can’t see sunrise anymore, it reminds her of the atomic bomb

“I remember when I was very young, I asked my mum why she went to the hospital, and she told me it was because of the atomic bomb. It was my first time hearing about this. My mother’s sister died in that incident. The bomb destroyed everything, and fear continued all night. My mum was 20 at that time, she had no idea how long she stayed unconscious, but when she woke up, she found her clothes turned all black. Many people were completely naked. Some seemed wearing in black but actually it was their burned skin. She went to the city center to look for her sister. There were lots of dead bodies on the ground, some dead mothers still holding her babies in the arms. Those dead bodies were white, with worms covering them. She was afraid to move around. Many people died without being identified. The city smelled horrible. Some survivors were asking for water or trying to get into the river to drink, and cool themselves down. Some had internal damages and dehydrated due to the bomb. Some survivors can’t overcome the tragedy. Some left and never come back. Some closed their heart, and not willing to talk about it at all. But now, some feel its a duty, and want to tell the generation of what has happened.”