Walking with 10 kg in your bag up to the top was a battle

“I’m a Dutch, 23, first time start traveling alone. I realize how awesome it is to experience everything in such a new way. I don’t even know where I will travel next. I have struggle when being asked what I want to become. I know what I want to do, but don’t know what I want to become. I don’t know how, when, and where. I’m an International Business students, now going to the 4th year. It’s important to do something well without looking at the profit. 10 years ago, I became a Dutch scout and have been a leader for 5 years now. We work with the international community of scout as a partnership team for a year and half. The Dutch scout organization has associated with the scout association in Africa. We organize scout cultural exchange program there. Last year, we had 18-21 days of exchange project. It was great. I wanna do more international scouting. This is my motivation. From connecting and meeting new people, you can learn the most surprising things. My expectation is to exceed the spectrum of mind and be surprised. Some years ago, we had a summer scout camp in Switzerland. We climbed the mountain. It’s very cold up there. Walking with 10 kg in your bag up to the top was a battle. We had to encourage each other to reach the top. Then when we made it, you feel like you conquered the whole world. This was the happiest moment in life.”