Speech therapists

“We are a newlywed from Oregon USA, and we’re having our honeymoon now. We first met each other on the return flight from Salt Lake city in Utah, back to Portland. We sat next to each other. The most important moment in my life (the wife) is to get married in the Grand Canyon. I think it’s so good to marry in this beautiful place, with the one you have known so well. To me (the husband), I have many dreams, I dream of playing music professionally in the trip with my wife, and to work together with her. It’s inspiring to travel and figure out so much in a country with a language we couldn’t speak. Things are hard, but we have been doing very well, it’s fun.

We both work in school as speech therapist. The idea of becoming a therapist for me (wife) came after I graduated from college. With finance and painting as my major, I worked with very young kids like 2 years old, some just start learning to talk, some still couldn’t, and yet I’m surprised, and being inspired how well they could communicate with each other. So afterwards, I went back school again to study this profession. Now, we are working with people from children to older adults, i.e. those who had a stroke before. We teach and help rebuilding their skills, pronouncing the sound to talk and express their idea again. We have 2-4 kids in a group, working on the same goal together.”