It’s like seeing modern day dinosaurs

“I’m a men’s wear designer from Maui, Hawaii. I’m visiting my brother here in Osaka. I love traveling. I have been to 15 countries in Asia, 18 countries in Europe, 3 times to Africa, and will go back to South Africa again in the coming spring. I love the nature. I feel most natural and happy in the wild, tracking in the jungle and mountains. Seeing the african secretary bird is the most impressive thing in my life, it’s like seeing modern day dinosaurs. I love Kyoto too, there are so much you can do, and it is beautiful and natural, especially in the fall. I don’t have children of my own, so when my sister’s daughter who was two and a half months pre-maturely born surviving the fight, which the doctor said she was too weak to live – now has passed her 7th birthday, growing up loving animals and happy, is the happiest thing in my life. I love her, and she’s my closest family.”