How can I be more useful to the society?

“I used to work in the medical field, very close to the border between life and death. I have a medical family, unlike many of the doctor’s child, I grew up being afraid and repellant about the hospital. But later I started to think, how can I be more useful to the society? So, I joined the medical field too. At first, I worked in the hospital, and there, I got some trainings about how and under what conditions to use the medical electric equipments. Since I have some electrical background, I ended up doing research on the medical electric equipments. All day long I thought about the atoms, molecules, reactions, and so on…, all by myself. Yes, it’s interesting to know all these, but you know, it’s a boring job. Many people in the scientific field have depressions. Later, I felt like losing goal and motivation in life and work. The most inspiring moment for me came when I found out that the equipments that I have researched and invented, save people’s lives. It’s not about the economy aspects of it, it’s not in good state anyways, or the money earned that brings me satisfaction and motivation, but this connection. You can’t lose connection with the society – it’s the real life, the inspiration, and the human.”