What you earn is worthless

“I belong to a quite rich family, I can have whatever I want, but I decided to leave it all, stop thinking like everybody else, and live this plain life here, in nature’s lap. I love sitting here, listening to nature sounds, watching animals. The first reason for me to give, to share so much love, is to help other people. Maybe after the day I die, people will remember me. I love feeding animals and people. I hardly have anything, but I would leave it all here. You have to spend energy on feelings, not on materialistic things, as those just make you depend on them. Today you buy this, tomorrow you need that, and you need a car, a house, another house, and so on. Your body no longer belongs to you. You need to be able to live with 5 elements. The best Karma, it’s to help. Everybody moves so fast but comes nowhere. No one can stop me. I am free. All that I can tell you is what I have learned, and I use it every day ever since – it’s doesn’t matter how much you earn, what really matters is how much you offer to others.”