I want to be free

“I  came to Hong-Kong several years ago. For many years, I had worked as a maid in my country, Indonesia. I had been working really hard, but then some things happened, which made me leave and start my life all over again somewhere else. I am taking care of my child here, as my husband is currently in prison. I have many dreams, and I am sure I can make them come true. I want to start by being free, free to lead a normal life, as I am on a refugee status with unequal rights, not to say with no rights at all. Police come all the time, every day, sometimes at night, to check our papers. What else do I want? I don’t know, maybe a house where I could raise my daughter without stress, where I could simply live. I am really afraid this may only stay a dream, that I would live in the slums for the rest of my life… No, I am going to get there, I am sure I can make it! Yes, we will do that.”