To help my parents

“At the age of 18, I came to Hong Kong to work, alone. I wanted to try helping my parents and family who are in Indonesia. We have debts, so I wanted to work to help them pay those debts, especially as my parents are too old and my sisters are too young.  My coming to Hong Kong has drastically changed my life. Here, I am considered as a refugee. I live in slums.  I have no legal right to work, and if government catches me working, I will go to prison. We receive HK$1500 to rent a room and HK$1200 in coupons to get food, but it’s not enough. In 15 days, we won’t have enough to get by. The thing is, coupons only allow you to buy food, and all necessities should be bought for money. How should I get this money if I can’t work? It’s all so hard… I’m 25 and all I want is just to be free. I realize that many people can’t understand, ‘What is it? What makes us choose to leave our countries to find something better elsewhere?’ But there’s always a good reason.”