I couldn’t accept her

“I love my little sister and she loves me too, but before it used to be difficult. I remember my Dad saying: ‘Are you aware of what you’re telling to your sister? She won’t love you later, and it would make you sad.’ I have two younger sisters. When the one who’s 4 years younger than me was born, I couldn’t accept her, I hated her. People used to like her more, I was really jealous, but at that time I wasn’t able to say anything to change it. In fact the meaner I got, the more people got attached to her. They used to tell me: ‘Laura, you, you are too mean, your little sister is an angel.’ and it made me even angrier.

One day we were in the United States, it was my younger sister’s birthday. Her name is Romane. The whole family gathered there, everybody was looking at her, all my cousins. The light was dim but I saw my father’s face, proud for my sister. It was too much for me, I was so incredibly sad… So I went to cry, and my parents found me only many hours later. I think that was the day when I realized I was jealous, that it was exactly JEALOUSY.

During my whole childhood I was a handful, I think because of that. It’s ridiculous but I guess I’m not the only little girl who found herself in such situation. All the time, I tried to get people to pay attention to me. But since that day, things started to change little by little. It really changed my life, this one feeling of jealousy for my little sister who was really an angel. I used to kick everybody, I was getting worse and worse, but now I am too nice, I don’t even worry any more.”