The war is real, hard, sad and dirty

“I just finished West Point to become a medical pilot in the US army. If any body get injured and called, I will fly there and help. I just graduated, and I have 60 days off, and for 30 days, I was in India, and after that, I’ll have a lot of training. In Texas, I got basic operation training of 6 weeks, and after that, I was trained to be a pilot. I’m looking forward to the new work. I’m hoping it to be practical, fun, and interesting.

It’s inspiring for me to meet people from around the world, having opportunities to see and talk to different people, like Ethiopia, Hong Kong, etc. You know, in the military school they will box you with a set of military perspective, but now, it’s a wow! I’ve met different people that’s not the same with the American mind, they have different mind and perspectives that open my eyes. It’s even better than reading any literature and books. I’m hoping that this will shape me to become a more open minded individual.

I grew up in a military home. My father is a pilot too, in the special operation force. I remember one time he was in Iraq with his union, there was one of his friend that was killed. When he came back home, he had to take that bad news to his friend’s family, returning his uniform. It’s the first time I saw him cry. And I realize that the war is real, hard, sad and dirty, and that changes my perspective as a kid about war.”