I’m just a daddy

“The most important moment of my life? It’s my marriage and my children. But that’s more than one moment for my child, because I have two, haha..! I changed a lot after they were born – I stopped being self-centered, growing and becoming a wiser man I think. But sometimes, there are moments in life that impressed me. After my son was born, he became really sick for more than one year. The problem is, you try to take all the responsibilities and be responsible, but the fact is, in that situation you are not able to take up any responsibilities. There is nothing you can do, even if you really wanted to. My wife and I started to fight because of that… You know, you can’t do much to help, even if you feel you want to do everything, or you have to be strong, you have to believe in this or that, but your power is limited. Yet, we were lucky, we met good doctors and they did a great job. But yes, the most difficult time in such moments, those moments which might happen to everybody, is to feel yourself completely powerless, not be able to help at all. And all those ups and downs were very difficult for both of us, but we kept on with faith, and support each other in a deeper level that need not any words to express. He recovered, and from this experience I learned a lot. In those moments when things happen, you just stop to think of how or why, and do your best. That’s funny you ask me this question, otherwise I would have never thought about it!”