Why i became gynecologist?

“I decided to become a gynecologist for different reasons, but the most important one is about an unforgettable experience, an experience that I’d never dreamed about having it. It’s like, I am scared about travelling, but I still decided to try. You will never know, if you don’t ever try. When I was 18, I went to Ethiopia, just because I wanted to do something for the women there, and see a little bit of the world.

We had five people working in an AIDS orphanage. I remembered there was a 4 year old little girl, this little perfect girl with mosquitos all over her body, and was playing with some plastic things. It was a really big problem, because you know, the HIV could be transmitted from mother to children. But it’s really easy to be prevented. We just have to give some medications to the mother, and then almost 100% of the children will show negative to the HIV when they are born.

I have a lot of respect for those children, since they have nothing, but they are still self-sufficient – I take my own clothes, I eat by myself, and I want to learn. They are able to turn everything into a toy for themselves to play without passing any judgment on anybody. These children, so innocent, for sure they are still innocent, but they are conscious about themselves that they are different. Being conscious that they still need to move forward. That really push me to think and to respect. It was a really good experience. I chose to go on in the medical path with this useful specialty after that experience. I still have that little girl in my mind, innocent but peaceful. Maybe next time, I can make a contribution to this world.”