I fall in love with drawing

“I am a salesman. I love talking to people, and I also love taking photos everywhere. But last year in October, I started to pick up a pen, and got a book teaching me how to draw, and so, I started drawing.

During the yellow umbrella revolution last year, I met a guy there in admiralty. I saw him drawing on his iPad, and I was curious. So I went and talked to him, and he introduced a drawing group called ‘urban sketches’ to me. Since then, I fall I love with drawing. I will document some fading aspects of the city, i.e. this old style tea house in Hong Kong will be gone, if the owner die someday. I also make sketches to keep my memories. Like when I was in the hospital, I made a sketch for my hurting toe or this lovely little baby.

You know, life is not all about work. Life is more about connecting with people. You can see things differently. I can work like crazy. Yeah, work brings me money to support my family, we all have different struggles in life, and I work hard too to make sure that everything is done. But even so, ok, what can I do more? I wanna do something I like. I like talking to people and interact with them, and I learn a lot from that. If I have time, I will do some volunteer work with a charity. That’s all life is about.”