People around me as a part of my own story

“Before entering the Moscow State University, I was dreaming of a successful career in science, and getting an interesting job in the capital. I thought that’s the most important to me in my life. But sometimes, it happens that our opinions are changed for some reason. Everything had changed when I started to travel. I understood there are so many interesting things in the world. While travelling, you every time try something new you wouldn’t do at home, and every day meet new people who help you to discover their culture. Last summer, I lived in a Turkish family in Istambul for two weeks, and one day had a chance to wear religious clothes given to me by my friend’s sister. I was so surprised how comfortable I feel in these clothes despite hot weather!

Some chance meetings from my trips to Germany stick in my mind. I was waiting for a bus to Aachen in the bus stop close to research centre, when a car drove up to the bus stop and a woman offered a lift. The woman was working in this research centre, and gave me some good advice about how to do a ‘lab tour’, and start to look for a supervisor in German labs. That was a question I was thinking about at that time. According to her advice, I have done my first step in that direction. I believe there are a lot of good people in the world. And we should be more trustful and open mind. Every person I meet on my way teaches me something, and leaves a mark in my world-view. And that’s important to me – people around me as a part of my own story.”