Gang improved story?

“We are a couple from China, from a poor village in the province of Hunan. I am 54 years old, and I used to play music part time in the village. My wife and I have a farm in the village, but that’s not enough to make a living. We only earn RMB60 per month, even less especially after we are old now, and start to have eyes and legs problems. We used to play music, and beg for money in Guangzhou. But that only made several ten RMB more a month. So, we decided to take trains to come to Hong Kong. Here, we can earn about HK$200 each day! Today is our 4th day, and we have to leave 3 days later. After that, we may enjoy a bit of life back home, and later we may come back again for begging. Since I’m a real blind, the government has issued me a ‘disable certificate’ by which I can have all free travel inside the country, and I can have half price discount for my ticket to Hong Kong. With this card no one can bully me or kick me out from any kind of transportation.”