He has many wives

“This shop is being passed down to me from my grandfather. He is 118 years old now and is still alive. Now, he is living in China. He has been catching snakes since young, and made some good money out of it. You know, when you have the money, you can have as many women as you want. He has many wives, 20 or so, they gave birth to him more than 15 sons, let alone the daughters. At the age of 90, one of his wives conceived a son for him. He was my uncle. He has this strong healthy body, because he ate many snakes, and had much snake wine when he was young. I am his favorite among all his descendants, and that’s why he passed this shop to me. Our shop has been in Hong Kong for 80 years already, 50 years in Central and then 30 years now in Wan Chai. My grandfather is so old now, I think he may not live much longer, and in that sense I will be the only one who live and own this shop.”