Like my baby

“I am an elephant carer for 25 years. I know how to domesticate elephants that are not able to live in the jungle. It costs me 4000 rupees per day to feed each elephant. I really put my stomach on it. My father was a cop, and when I was a little boy, I came to Rajasthan for study. During this time, I met a young boy like me, and we became friends. His family has some elephants, and I visited his home for one day, two days, and later for 1 month, 2 months, 3, 4, 5 months, and so on. I spent some very good times there with the elephants. They were free, and I’ve learned a lot about myself when I was with them. Elephants have been enslaved during the past 1000 years, maybe more, but they are like my babies. Her name is Sarah, she is free, she doesn’t need to be chained anymore, and I’ve been treating her as my baby for 25 years.”