Just keep on going

“The most important thing is my husband. He’s gone of course. He died 5 years a go. He went to heaven. So, it is the most important thing – my life has changed. I moved up here to work, because I used to live in Kowloon, and didn’t need to work. I was living comfortably as a housewife, but I need to work now. When that happened, we were struggling, I was afraid that I couldn’t earn my living. I was afraid that my children didn’t behave well. You know, nowadays kids will leave you anytime. I’m 70, and to keep on going, I used to go to swim. I went swimming every morning, even in winter morning, and the water was cold, around – 4℃. Every morning at 6:15 a.m, I would go to Great Clear Water in Sai Kung to swim. After swimming, around 10 a.m, I had Yum Cha (HK traditional food), I sat down, and had some food. That was how I spent a day. Around a year later, my nephew and uncle opened this restaurant. They asked me if I wanted to go up here to work. I said, ‘OK, whatever. Just spending my days here will be fine.’ They were afraid that I would think in a bad way, and go crazy. How to say…, we should live more happily in this world. Things happen, that’s life. Living here, I feel the time goes faster. You guys came here, and I chat and laugh with you. It’s like we are friends.”