Me and the government

“If you don’t try, you will just sit there and wait to die. If you try, at least there is a chance. I was born during the second world war, and was the sixth of 10 children. I had a difficult childhood, and that reminds me to help the people in need. I used to work as a clerk in a government department, but I left my post in 1989. Being retired allowed me to challenge the government without fear of losing my job.

I’m a 74 years old former civil servant, and I am spending my retirement keeping the government on my toes, including forcing it to spend money on defending its policies in court, sometimes with legal aid. I filed more than 20 court applications to try to change and to improve the living conditions of the people around me. You win some, you lose some.

Many people criticize me for wasting public money. I find that the government wastes more money than me, they spend large amount on useless consultations, and waste money on questionable infrastructure. I just use the government’s money to fix its problems, but I use most of my own retirement money for that too. Without help, I will not be able to try to change the current situations of the society. By the way, none of my applications are for my personal gain, and no one ever manipulates me.

Not everyone appreciate my views, you know in this country it’s complicated. I was once surrounded by a group of anti-Occupy activists who scolded me for supporting the other side during last year’s yellow umbrella revolution, and I am also banned from entering Macau recently. I replied those activists with a smile, and yet, they just don’t understand. I’m old, I don’t have much time left, so I want to use it in a useful way.”