Some people put my father in prison

“I grew up in a village, because my family was not so rich. My father was working in Bombay with my mother, my brother and my sister. 40 years ago, people worked 11 hours a day, and that hard work gave you only 3 rupees per day. We got like 150-200 rupees per month. Then, some people put my father into a prison. When we had to get married, – you know it’s an important tradition here, to make money for the marriage, and without my father it was difficult. After both of my parents died, we came to Agra, and have been living here for 35 years.

I worked so hard to create my own business. Today, I put my children in a school, and for that I needed to work really hard. My life is not important, but my family is. It’s important to make good money, so my children can have good education. My daughter is 9 years old, my older son is 13 and the younger is 9. They go to school, and that’s the most important thing for me, to give them good education. These last two years, it was difficult because my business was going through a rough time, and everything is so expensive. Their school’s fee is very expensive, and I need to buy books, clothes, etc. This year, it cost me 18000 rupees. I never went to school since my parents were too poor. Now, I do my best to give my children more than I had.”