I was in the intelligence operations

“I was in the intelligence operations during my military service in Israel. My service was in the south of the country, right near Gaza. We’d had hard time with all the bombing, attacks and everything. Actually one day, we found ourselves in the middle of the war; we just finished work at 8 pm, we couldn’t really go out anymore, and couldn’t go to the beach. So, we just decided to buy lots of candies, and we wrote little letters inside, like, ‘We love you!’, and went to the hospital. They moved all the kids to the basement, because they could run and hide when the bombs hit. So, we went there, and played with the children, and gave them the candies. Usually when you are a soldier, you must do everything for everyone else, and we said, ‘OK, wait, we can do more than just what we have to.’ It was a memorable thing, those children were so happy!”