India fashion entrepreneur

“When I graduated, I got the chance to work with the best designer in the best design house of India, almost like Valentino. It was 5 years ago. It was the most amazing moment of my life. But I want to move on, to try new things, so finally I made a tough decision to quit the job. Then, I started being a designer for the Indian equivalent of H&M. After that, I gave up everything, and was travelling for 3 years.

I tried to be a freelancer, created few collections. All the money I had, I spent on travelling around India and abroad. I had to vacate my house. When I started looking for a new one, I had this idea in mind – a house by the lake. There was a place like that in Delhi. But when I saw it, I thought there’s maybe little sense for me in having it, as I only would see it at night. To be able to enjoy it, I would have to start my own studio. Lots of people encouraged me to try, create my own things. I think I was never fully involved, being too interested in travelling, and having so much fun from it.

My business started with just two people, and grew from it. It was quite simple, I was just happy to satisfy my basic needs like food, rent etc. 3 years later I had to leave the house, as they increased rent cost, and I wasn’t prepared for it. I couldn’t afford it anymore. I realized then I really need to develop my business, because it was tough to leave just because of money reasons. So initially, my work was just sort of fun for me, but now I look at it as a real business, especially as other people depend on me. I have to make sure they get their salaries on time, create a real offer, so all of that involve much more than just designing. All in all, I like it, I really enjoy it, and I have learned a lot.”