« I was on the Normandy landing, on V Day.  I was on the HMSMO, which was a cruiser. There were 6 cruisers along the coast, and it started, and eventually, we were there on D Day, and in July, we were still there, and I was on the six inch gun. And early around morning, we were sleeping on the gun and during the night, and during the day we were watching and operating the gun.

And then one morning, it was just getting light and an aircraft came accross over the coast line and flew very low above the water, and came straight at us.It airbombed. First of all, I saw the gunners in front, and then the airgunner. And then it dropped 3 bombs. One went down on a side of the ship, very close to the ship. The third one went on the starboat  side, in the water very close to the ship, and the middle one went very close to the amunition magazine. It went across the deck, and into some cavity float on the side of the ship and then into the water. There it exploded and the ship lifted up a bit. We got very very lucky. If it had exploded on the deck, the ship’s magazine (ammunitions stock) would have blown up, because it would have hit the amuitions. So we were very very lucky that day. You know, yeah we were lucky that day. We had just suffered a lot of water damage on the end road, we were getting a relief of the HMS striker, which was a British ship given to the Polish navy. It came alongside the following day. And the next day, we were leaving as they were taking up on our positions. And what they did as they were pooring their anchor in, they blew the STERN. I got a picture actually, of the bomb. »